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We believe that everything we do on this planet, has a direct impact to all life and also an opposite reaction. What we might not necessarily see on the surface affects life below the surface. A new moon signifies new beginnings and a fresh start in the circle of life, That is why we are so excited and happy to offer a safe, effective, all natural, organic solution that is OMRI certified (Organic Raw Materials Institute!) to a problem that was only previously controlled by unsafe and potentially cancerous chemicals with numerous potential side effects. We hope you and your family become aware of the true and documented dangers of pet and personal insecticides. If you haven't read up, please do, because the best protection for you and your family is to be educated on what you are being exposed to, what you are buying and what you are ingesting. Live your life aware, do your research, learn what is being sprayed in our environment and exposed to your family. Live in harmony!

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